Manage and optimize your car park revenues with innovative Yield Management and Pricing tools, dedicated to the car park sector.

Yield Management techniques are eligible to the car park sector … but the classical Yield models do not apply. KOWEE PARK EDITION proposes ad hoc Yield solutions that take into account the uniqueness of a car park business model, adressing in particular the trade-off to find between short and long-stay vehicles.

KOWEE PARK EDITION solutions are specifically designed for car park managers providing them with ad hoc tools to gain control on the revenues of the parking lots they propose, be they urban or airport car parks.

KOWEE PARK EDITION is composed ot 3 families of product, all fully compatible and making it possible to:

  • K-Analytics: Analyze the demand distribution to better follow-up and control the car park revenue
  • K-Pricing: Design optimal pricing policies by performing simulations and instantly estimating the revenu impacts
  • K-Yield: Optimize the car park revenues thanks to Yield / Dynamic Pricing modules applied to pre-booking requests as well as the turn-ups