K-PRICING is a real time pricing simulator helping you fine tune and optimize your pricing policies.

K-PRICING is a pricing simulator software dedicated to the car park sector including multi price grids management, seasonality management, tariff grid structure evolutions, price elasticity hypothesis, etc.

K-PRICING is based upon the real time re-processing of past tickets that are automatically made available. Whatever the number of newly simulated price grids, special offers definition (week-end packages, etc.) and/or any type of tariff grid structure changes (linear, recursive, etc.), it instantly estimates the impact on your revenues and gives you all the elements on the relevancy of the pricing policy changes.

The real time simulation of structural tariff grid changes makes it a powerful decision-making tool for car park managers. The following questions are most easily addressed:

  • Should we change the tariff after 1 hour of stay? Or 45 minutes? Between 4 and 8 hours of stay in the parking?
  • Should we introduce seasonal rates?
  • What are the threshold effects of any change in the pricing structure?
  • How many vehicles are affected? Which customer segments will be proposed different tariffs than before?
  • What are the consequences on revenue?
  • What are the most likely hypothesis regarding client behavior? Will the demand volume decrease if we the price is raised by x%? In what proportions and with what effect on the revenues? What is the best trade-off between price and volume?)

K-PRICING makes it possible to measure the impact on the revenues and breaks it down into various axis: customer segment, day of week, etc.

K-PRICING presents the results in such a way that the readability and consistency of the pricing policy can be assessed (though “revenue-optimized,” the pricing policies primarily need to be understable, and easily disclosable to the market!).

K-PRICING is powerful enough to cope with day and night pricing policy differentiation if necessary (the client pays different rates according to the time zones it « crosses » along its full stay in the park): how much of revenue do we lose when introducing an attractive pricing policy for the night time zones?

K-PRICING is accessible 24/7 in SaaS mode: the engine uses a dedicated and fully secured database (daily refreshed with the new ticket transactions).