Toulouse Blagnac Airport chooses KOWEE’s Analytics, Pricing and Yield Management solutions for the management of its car parks

Since April 2017, Kowee has been assisting Toulouse Blagnac Airport in setting up marketing and pricing strategies for the management of its car parks. 
Wishing to offer new services to its customers, through the launch of a new e-commerce platform for the digital marketing of its parking offer, Toulouse Blagnac Airport took the opportunity to align its marketing and tariff policies.
All customer segments (leisure and business) are covered and each booking request is automatically proposed, through K-Yied, « the right price at the right time ».

« With Kowee’s tools and assistance, the airport now adapts the rates of its various parkings to better meet both passenger expectations and park occupancy constraints. » Said Philippe Rodier, Head of Marketing and Digital Services for Toulouse Blagnac Airport.

Kowee’s solutions (K-Analytics, K-Pricing and K-Yield) make it possible to understand in detail the demand pattern of a parking lot (what are the demand profiles per car park, period of the year, day of the week, etc.) and thus to find the perfect balance between attractiveness of an offer and its economy for the airport.
Much more than a simple objective of optimizing revenues, this is really new marketing offers (most of the time, the rate proposed for a pre-booking is lower than the one for the drive-ups) that the airport wishes to implement: the yield grids are thus adjusted, optimally refined according to the demand pressure, the identified customer segments and the constant concern to better meet the market expectations.

Note that the yield offerings or special packages can sometimes be particularly attractive as, on certain periods and certain parks, the discount rates for early bookings can go up to 40%!


Paris, France and Atlanta, USA.

Kowee, a leading provider of yield and pricing solutions in Europe is launching its operations in the North American market and has named Dr. Saloni Firasta Vastani as CEO for Kowee, USA.
Kowee brings a highly innovative and sophisticated set of software solutions dedicated to the parking industry in North America.

Over the last four years, Kowee has quickly grown its presence and market share in France and is growing rapidly in the rest of Europe serving airports, urban and city parking facilities.
As the transportation landscape in North America evolves, with the penetration of connected cars, electric vehicles, shared commuters, integrated options for transportation, and the emergence of autonomous vehicles, consumer’s preferences for using and paying for transportation and parking is changing at an accelerated pace. Kowee is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this opportunity in the North American market.

“Our goal for launching Kowee’s solutions in North America, is to address a market that is rapidly shifting from parking operators offering on-premise flat prices, to a marketplace where online booking is becoming ubiquitous in most cities and airports. The new apps are giving drivers geo-located prices and real-time availability resulting in improved customer experience with price transparency pushing parking operators to offer price competitive offerings. Kowee’s solutions are precisely designed to help this dynamically evolving market where agility is key.” explains Xavier Zakoian, co-founder and CEO of Kowee.

Dr. Saloni Firasta-Vastani will be leading the operations in North America as CEO and co-founder of Kowee, USA. Dr. Vastani brings deep expertise in pricing management coupled with a wealth of experience in the parking industry. She is a graduate of Emory University.

“I’m honored to join the leadership team of Kowee. Kowee’s expertise in the industry with its sophisticated algorithms with proven deployments at both urban and airport operators positions us with a unique opportunity to enter and grow quickly in the US market. Kowee’s assets are its phenomenally loyal customer base, world-class products, delightfully talented people, reputation for continuous innovation and market momentum. As we grow globally, add more capabilities for our customers, our mission remains the same – to help parking operators improve their bottom line.” says Dr. Vastani.

Kowee launches in the US market with three cloud based solutions: K-Analytics, K-Pricing and K-Yield.

  • K-Analytics analyzes the demand and customer behavior to better manage revenue with customizable dashboards.
  • K-Pricing designs optimal pricing policies by performing simulations that instantly estimate revenue impacts.
  • K-Yield optimizes revenues using sophisticated yield algorithms, predictive occupancy, and dynamic pricing which work with pre-booking requests as well as drive-ups.

About Kowee

Kowee was founded in Paris, France in 2013 and provides innovative, world–class technology solutions for the parking industry. Kowee is a leading provider in France and is rapidly growing its presence across Europe and North America. Kowee develops advanced software solutions specifically designed for parking lot operators focusing on yield and pricing optimization.

For more information about Kowee, please visit, email at or call at (470) 227 0815.



Often close to 40% of the total income of an airport, non-aviation revenues (as retail, car parks, real estate, car rental, etc.) are gaining more and more importance for many airports, becoming a priority in terms of strategic development. Very often, the car parks of an airport can be a strong leverage for revenue growth when applying proper revenue optimization techniques.

This is well understood by Nantes Atlantique Airport which recently (May 2016) implemented K-Yield, the Yield Management solution developed by Kowee for the car park sector.

Completed with Kowee business intelligence solution (K-Analytics) as well Kowee price simulator tool (K-Pricing, a pricing simulation tool dedicated to turn-ups as well as pre-booked vehicles), K-Yield engine dynamically proposes an “optimal price” at the booking step; note that the optimized price is a function of both the forecasted number of other entries of vehicles at the same periods of stay and of their relative economic interests compared the requested booking (the engine clearly responds to questions like: « Is it better to favor short-stay or long-stay demands for the requested days? » « What is the optimal combination of lengths of stay for the parking considering the forecasts as well as what is already booked or present in the park? », etc.).

With a dozen car parks and about 8,000 places, Nantes Atlantique Airport took this opportunity to offer new services to its customers through the launch of a true e-commerce solution (a Rezcomm solution, a customer-focused car park booking solution) on top ot the Kowee yield engine.

At the end of the day, the final customer takes a benefit as this combination of e-commerce / yield solutions always gives him the best parking solution with the highest possible discount (compared to the price charged in case of no reservation) as well as numerous services value added services (valet, laundry, fast track, vouchers, etc. all services proposed when booking the stay). The airport also benefits from the solution as its unique core optimization engine finds the best combination of occupation in terms of lengths of stay, and therefore only proposes preferential conditions to those demands that contribute the best to the overall revenue

This project, conducted in 2 to 3 months by Nantes Atlantique Airport led to the introduction of new services for its customers as well as the design of highly responsive pricing strategies, all this being done with the mindset of customers’ satisfaction!